How We Work

There is no better place to start your garden venture than with a horticultural consultation from Thomas' English Gardens. Christine Thomas, an expert horticulturist with 30 years of experience, will evaluate your entire site for perks and problems. She will talk to you about design ideas, gardening techniques, and problem solving. A garden consultation is worth the small investment.

Christine will evaluate your site, consultation notes, dream garden pictures and any existing plans and surveys to work up a complete written contract for your design.  Every design is unique and customized to your tastes and your setting.  The cost for your consultation will be applied to your design work.

All designs are created with CAD, Computer Aided Design, software.  An existing survey or site plan can be scanned into the software to establish property lines.  If none exists, your property will be measured and recreated in the software.  Christine takes additional notes, measurements for accuracy, and photographs to use when designing your garden.

Color designs are available in a range of sizes and formats.  A large format size is available as a 24 X 36" printed page.  Individual plants are color coded, numbered and listed in the legend.  An 8 X 11" copy of your legend is included in the design package for ease of estimating and ordering.  Labeled pictures of your plant material can be added to your design as an option.  This is just another great way to illustrate your future garden. 

Your design package will include 8 X 11" color details with corresponding legends for each area of your design work.  An installation "game plan" and or maintenance plan is also available to make the installation process straight forward.  Included with each design package is a resource list of nurseries and contractors that include everything from landscapers to carpenters.  All of your plans are available as PDF files which makes viewing and printing a snap.

It is now possible to take a picture of your home and garden and edit that image to show an idea of how your completed project will look.  You might decide to use this design option to get a sense of your completed project or to make a decission as to what shrubs to use in front of a fence.  This customer has a deer browsing problem but wanted to use roses anyway.  This enhanced picture shows roses on one side and a deer resistant shrub on the other.

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