Taking Root: A Garden Blog

In my garden, Hydrangeas are the gift that just keeps giving.  From June until frost there is always a Hydrangea in bloom here.  Once you start growing Hydrangeas you just can’t stop adding them to your garden.  Just ask Michael Dirr, the famous plantsman, who has written an entire book on Hydrangeas, “Hydrangeas for American Gardens”.   While researching for his book in England, Dr. Dirr visited a garden with approximately 360 cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla.  In his words, “The mind became mush, the knees buckled, and the camera imploded.”  And that was just one species!

A cuisine garden is a group of vegetables and herbs grown together as ingredients for ethnic recipes. Growing in individual raised beds makes the perfect setting for a collection of world cuisines. I meet cooks from many cultural backgrounds and am always jotting down new ideas for recipes that I am translating into gardens. Since we have not reached the last frost date it’s a good time to plant cool crops. What better than a spring Asian cuisine garden?

Probably the only certain guard against deer browsing is using a fence that they cannot jump over. There are many to choose from. I recommend a small garden just off the house with a lovely ornamental fence and gate for my customers who cannot live without their favorite deerlicious plants; roses and hydrangeas being at the top of the list.

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