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There is no better place to start your garden venture than with a horticultural consultation from Thomas' English Gardens. Christine Thomas, an expert horticulturist with 30 years of experience, will evaluate your entire site for perks and problems. She will talk to you about design ideas, gardening techniques, and problem solving. A garden consultation is worth the small investment

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Garden News

  • American Holly January 10, 2014
    American Holly

    American Holly, Ilex opaca, is a familiar broadleaf evergreen found throughout Bucks County.  It is one of those native evergreens we have grown up with.  Its glossy green leaves and bright red berries grace the winter landscape and are used to decorate homes and greeting cards for Christmas.

  • Hydrangeas August 10, 2013

    In my garden, Hydrangeas are the gift that just keeps giving. From June until frost there is always a Hydrangea in bloom here. Once you start growing Hydrangeas you just can’t stop adding them to your garden. Just ask Michael Dirr, the famous plantsman, who has written an entire book on Hydrangeas, “Hydrangeas for American Gardens”. While researching for his book in England, Dr. Dirr visited a garden with approximately 360 cultivars of Hydrangea macrophylla. In his words, “The mind became mush, the knees buckled, and the camera imploded.” And that was just one species!


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